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Whilst all around has been built on or improved for modern agriculture, Croxley Common Moor remains little changed - a wonderful untouched haven for wildlife close to Watford, and just a few miles from London. Its 100 acres of historic grassland straddle the flood plain of the River Gade. It is the action of the river scouring across the plain, combined with centuries of grazing, which has produced the rich and diverse plant life that can be seen today.

Croxley Common Moor has been registered as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) due to the rarity of its plant life; it is also designated a Local Nature Reserve (LNR) in acknowledgement of the contribution local residents make to its management. This protection is essential because there are only one or two similar river valley sites still in existence in Hertfordshire.

Croxley Common Moor is owned and managed by Three Rivers District Council, in partnership with the Countryside Management Service and the Friends of Croxley Common Moor. It is managed in line with its Habitat Management Plan, and Access and Interpretation Report, both available here.

To protect Common Moor's wildlife value, none of these activities are allowed: fires/BBQs, motor cycling, metal detecting, hunting/shooting. If you see these activities, please report to the police by phoning 101 or using Hertfordshire Police's Live Chat.